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It’s not easy to balance PPA with the demands of a busy school day. But with so many experts concerned about our children’s art education, a break in the teachers schedule provides a perfect opportunity for performing arts. So Xeno has developed a gold standard PPA service, where pupils can enjoy curriculum based activities under the watchful eye of our fully qualified specialists. 
It’s a system that benefits everyone – especially the children;

They relate to fresh faces in their school – passionate, energetic role models extolling the virtues of a fully integrated arts program.

They discover new opportunities for fun and expression – from traditional music curriculum through to contemporary dance and drama based sessions.

They learn the value of taking part – increasing their interest in the arts outside school.

They enjoy a newfound confidence and vitality, while developing teamwork and performing arts skills alongside confidence for later life.

Whether you’re are looking for Music, Dance or Drama sessions, our flexible PPA package is designed to keep your pupils active while meeting the changing demands of today’s Primary Schools. When two or more teachers need to collaborate over lesson plans, we can introduce extra teachers. We can tailor sessions to suit time and space available. And with your schools’ limited budget in mind, we can supply our fully qualified, DBS – checked teachers at an affordable price. 
There’s so much to gain. But don’t just listen to us…

Let the kids decide!…  

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